_MG_1024Ethan Chorin has spent more than 20 years living and working in the Middle East and Africa, as a diplomat and government relations executive. He is currently Managing Director at Perim Associates, providing economic analysis and strategic advice to companies and governments.

A two-time Fulbright Fellow (Yemen, Jordan), Chorin holds a PhD in resource economics from the University of California, Berkeley, an MA from Stanford in international policy studies, and a BA from Yale in Near Eastern Languages. Chorin is the author of two books: Exit the Colonel: The Hidden History of the Libyan Revolution (2012, PublicAffairs), and Translating Libya: The Modern Libyan Short Story (2008, Saqi Books/2012 ebook), and written for a range of international publications including the New York Times, Foreignpolicy.com and The Financial Times. He has appeared on The CBS Morning News, BBC Newsday, CNBC Weekends with Alex Witt, Amanpour, Newsmax, C-SPAN Book TV, and a number of NPR affiliates.