Benghazi News (Multiple Sources, Sept. 13-18)

Unconfirmed reports that US forces may have attacked an Ansar Al Sharia camp in the suburb of Rajma, in Benghazi, and that similar operations may be ongoing in Derna, to the East (September 13th).

According to the pan-Arab Asharq Al Awsat, in the days following the attack on the US consulate, at least 20 US drones patrolled the skies above Benghazi at any given time, for several days, a number that was reduced to 4 subsequently (September 18).

Al Qaeda in Yemen issued a statement (Asharq Al Awsat, Sept. 16) claiming the attack on (specifically) the US Ambassador to Libya was revenge for the killing of Al Qaeda #2 Yahya Al Libi in Yemen earlier this year.

Libyan President Mohammed Megaryaf said initially 50 suspects had been arrested, among which non-Libyans, and that there was evidence of ties to Al Qaeda (Sept 18). Libyan officials said the situation in Libya remains “difficult” for Americans and that it would be best if US citizens ‘stay away’ until local authorities can get a handle on a deteriorating security situation.