The Responsibility to Rebuild

Panel experts and parliamentarians also discussed the difficult security situation in Libya in the wake of NATO’s Operation Unified Protector in 2011.  Several members noted that, while that operation may have protected Libyan civilians from an imminent regime-led massacre, the international community largely abandoned the country afterwards. The ensuing chaos has gravely complicated efforts to constitute legitimate state authority in that country. This failure has complicated security implications. Panellist Ethan Chorin, author of Exit The Colonel: The Hidden History of the Libyan Revolution, noted that: “While it was noble to uphold the new norm of the Responsibility to Protect, the international community would do well to now focus on its Responsibility to Rebuild.  Failing to do so will result in security challenges not only in Libya but in the Sahel, Europe, and the Middle East as well.”

A detailed report of the proceedings of the seminar is forthcoming and will be published on the website of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.